About American Pest Control Wildlife Services

American Pest Control

American Pest Control is a leading resource for private homes and various commercial businesses in northeast Georgia. With the knowledge and tools to both control pests and prevent wildlife intrusions, APC helps every one of their clients feel secure in their homes.

In addition to the family business’ famous pest control, APC offers various wildlife services and will work with you to develop personalized, preventative plans. Some of the most common animals APC will work to exclude from your home (or remove those that are already present) include flying squirrels, skunks, snakes, bats, armadillos, opossums, and more. The business also takes on various types of rats, including roof rats (which look similar to house mice) and larger Norway rats.

APC’s main method in wildlife control is exclusion. Identifying any possible local creatures and then taking proper precautions against them is key– it all comes back to APC’s focus on education. The majority of APC’s wildlife work focuses on repairing and sealing all entry points so that clients do not even have to worry about the possibility of intrusion. However, APC’s wildlife services also include trapping and eventually removing animals from homes or buildings.

All of APC’s wildlife work follows the orders of Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources. The wildlife services division continues to grow as an integral part of our company, and since incorporating it into the business, the family is confident that they are truly the only resource homeowners need for animal or pest control. APC also actively works to share their knowledge so that their clients can learn day-to-day how to secure their structures.